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Creating magnificent structures that exude class & luxury

We are not just infrastructure developers. We are modern architectural artists who tastefully craft new- age, luxurious living and commercial spaces for you to create and achieve your dreams from. We are Ratnanjali Infra LLP, an Ahmedabad-based real estate development group building elegant structures that kiss the skies and add to the beauty of the skyline of our modern cities in Gujarat.

With us, you get to live the utopian life that every modern Indian family desires to live. With us, you get to do business in style and leave your clients impressed with not just your entrepreneurial acumen, but with your excellent choice in commercial spaces that bring out the best in you and your team

Living green and sustainable lives is our motto, hence all our projects thank the large-heartedness of our environment by giving back to it and maintaining the equilibrium of the human-nature relationship with our green architecture, inspired by our founder Sanyam Shah’s Gurukul-educated father’s sustainable lifestyle. Since 2010, we’ve been creating a beautiful confluence of spellbound elevation and spectacular design with our structures, using the finest of raw materials, backed by supremely talented teams of architects, designers, hardworking contractors and labour force.

We take pride in the good will bestowed upon us by the people of Gujarat who’ve been nothing but impressed by our excellent work ethic, timely completion of projects and possession and smart green structures.

What makes out green buildings stand out are its unique amenities like Solar Treatment plan, Private gardens, Recycling treatment plants, Refurbished Rooftop, Natural Air ventilation, Solar Lights, Rainwater harvesting and Photovoltaic panels

Our Leader

Our Founder

Mr. Sanyam Shah


Mr. Sanyam Shah is the founder and managing director of Ratnanjali Infra LLP. He started at the
young age of 18 as a first-generation real estate developer, carrying the vision of living as one with nature and giving back to the environment that provides us with its resources in bountiful.

His green building philosophy is well-appreciated in the real estate sector and has also inspired many to take it up in their projects. This is a result of the early lessons of sustainable living he learnt as a child from his father. He strives to be a responsible member of the society by designing energy-efficient buildings, made with materials that do not pollute the environment and are in harmony with nature. That’s why you’ll find suspended gardens and garden cafeterias in many of our commercial buildings.

And this philosophy has also given him success as a smart businessman and developer, as green buildings are low maintenance, reduces electricity and water wastage, and most of the materials can be sourced locally.

Mr. Shah believes in working with the best of the lot and as a result, every project built by Ratnanjali, designed by prominent architects of national and global fame, is unique and stands out with pride adding to the beauty of the city’s skyline.

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